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Hexagon Global CMM 

The coordinate measuring machine pushing productivity further

The GLOBAL CMM machine has been designed to deliver superior performance and significantly increase productivity.  Whether the priority is precision, throughput, flexibility, or in-production CMM measurement.

The GLOBAL CMM is configured to meet the needs of the most challenging applications, it provides accuracy and reliability that you won’t find anywhere else. By combining innovative and enhanced technologies, the Hexagon GLOBAL CMM allows manufacturers and production leaders to customize their setups and configure their software to meet their specific requirements. 


Measuring Volume  500 x 500 x 500
Probing System  Hexagon TesaStar-M Indexing Probe Head with Touch Probe & 2 Modules
Controller  Hexagon Controller, Encoders & Scales.
Accuracy  CMM Volumetric Accuracy 3.3+L/145 (MPEE)
Software  PCDMIS 2023 Metrology Software, Allows CAD Model Programming


CMM 4.png

The FARO Gage is the industry’s first line of personal Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). With its 1.2m (48”) working volume, it is the ‘mount-it-to-where-you-make-it’, truly portable, cost-effective, 3D, minimal-training gages for machinists.

The FARO Gage replaces all conventional gaging devices with an expandable library of gaging tools. Save time and money by replacing your cluttered inspection area with the one tool that can do it all.

  • Up to 0.010mm (0.0007”) accuracy

  • 1.2m (48”) working volume

  • Perform CAD-to-part analysis

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